Book 2 of The Invincible Series. This book can be read as a stand alone, but the characters are more interesting if followed from book to book. Don't worry, whether read together or alone, these stories are humorous and full of action.

Through the Fire is a story about Ronnie Dare, a girl from the trailer park worn thin by her life at rock bottom. However, she finds out her bottom is much farther down when her ex-husband snares her into a world of drugs, money laundering, and murder. Desperate for answers, she takes a risk and turns to a wealthy banker, Mark, who may be one of the killers. Ronnie and Mark are two people as different as they can be, but they help one another and learn to trust while keeping themselves alive through the gritty streets of Detroit.

Expected release Fall 2016.

Book 1 of The Invincible Series. This book can be read as a stand-alone, but the characters will continue in future books. 

Through the Storm, is a story about Sara Colson. She's an average college sophomore traveling through Europe when she meets Davit. Naive and trusting, she falls prey to him and his sinister intentions. Two years pass before she can escape. By then, the adventurous, brave woman she was is gone. She's lost all faith in the world and refuses to trust or need anyone. However, the people she meets in her new home outside Detroit make her question her logic. No one more than her boss, a rough around the edges, construction company owner named Chris. Unfortunately, family secrets and past mistakes can only be buried so deep.

​Expected release Late Summer 2016